Content Loss Consulting

Our Content Loss Consulting services will be able to provide you with:

  • Photo documentation
  • A detailed inventory list that represents the clients exact possessions
  • A cost analysis based on our lists
  • Electronic file that will assist the adjuster when processing the contents list with the clients.
  • Assist the client with the documenting process
  • Act as a liaison between the insurance company/adjuster and the client
  • Act as a mediator between the client and the contractor

Our service will help reduce the amount of time the adjuster spends on the file by providing an accurate list with accurate pricing. We can also provide an electronic file so that the adjuster will not have to retype the list. Evaluations can attend the site prior to the contractor to identify the items that are not salvageable. This will save the adjuster time and money as the unsalvageable items will not have to be taken to the warehouse by the contractor to be sorted.