Why should I use evaluations services?

Not only does evaluations pride them selves  on their honesty and customer service but we have the knowledge and experience to provide accurate work that will in turn reduce insurance claim costs.

How can evaluations help save you money?

With our expertise and technology we can deliver the results you can trust. We have an unbiased position on each claim which allows us to only include the line items that are required to repair the structure to its pre loss condition. We will not charge for extra line items to increase the final total of the scope. We can assure you that our work is accurate and precise.

What are the common problems with estimates?

  • Inaccurate line items
  • Unnecessary charges
  • Removing and replacing items that were not effected
  • Inexperienced project managers
  • Missing important line items that will result in extra charges during construction

Why are estimates and invoices usually overpriced?

Construction companies charge for extra line items that are not necessary to increase the final total of the estimate, therefore, increasing their profit. They are required to meet certain profit margins and to do so they may over charge and include unnecessary items. Commonly a specific line item will include material, labour, installation, dump fees, etc and then there will be a separate line item for one or all of the charges that were included in original charge. Adjusters are not familiar with what is included in each specific line item and will not catch the extra charges. Evaluations has encountered estimates that were overpriced by more than $100,000.

Where will Evaluations travel to?

Evaluations is a Canadian company located in Kelowna, British Columbia. Our key area is British Columbia however; we are mobile and can travel to any location in Canada where our services are required.

What is the process of an insurance claim?

  • Loss Happens
  • Call is made to insurance company and / or Restoration Company
  • Emergency services take place to stabilize the structure or damage
  • Your insurance company will have multiple contractors & Evaluations prepare a Scope of Repairs, which will explain in detail how much it will cost to return the property back to pre loss condition
  • Your insurance company will award a contractor to repair  your home
  • Construction will commence on your home. The contractor, insurance company and home owner all work closely to make sure the repairs are acceptable
  • Once repairs are complete the restoration company will invoice your insurance company for the cost of repairs and once the insurance company pays, your claim in complete

What is the major concern when you have water damage?

To make sure all effected areas are bone dry. Even a small water damage left untreated will begin to grow mould. This will decrease the value of your home and mould is very serious and highly dangerous to your health. Call a professional restoration company to come and remediate the damages.